Our sisters and brothers live in accordance with the Rule of the Mercy of God Community. Our policies and governance are defined in our corporate By-Laws.

We profess the promises of detachment from material things, responsible sexuality, and obedience to the Gospel, for which the community has developed its own norms.

We live and work locally; membership does not involve relocation. Some are single and live alone or in voluntary groupings, while others are married or in committed relationships.

Every member is required to be engaged in ministry, which s/he chooses and which the community affirms.

We are required to be self-supporting, through employment or in retirement, and we support the community through our stewardship.

Members and associates pause for prayer, whether alone or with others, three times every day. Suggested texts are provided in the Common Prayer section of the Community Handbook.

The entire community assembles twice yearly, once for a spiritual retreat in the spring and again for a chapter or conference in the fall.