Annual Renewal

Our Promises

Professed brothers and sisters pronounce promises of detachment from material things, responsible sexuality, and obedience to the Gospel, as adapted to the ecumenical and inclusive nature of the community and the contemporary lifestyle and ministries of its members. The community has developed its own norms, as follows:


Detachment from material things

We embrace our commitment to the virtue of poverty, as we choose to be detached from material possessions and to use our resources and goods in the best way possible. We are confident that God will provide the means by which we will live and serve.


Responsible Sexuality

Our commitment to the virtue of responsible sexuality ennobles our capacity for human affection. It transforms our passion into total love of God and neighbor.

Obedience to the Gospel

In all matters, we pledge ourselves to the virtue of obedience, which is to Jesus Christ and the message of the Gospels. Through prayer and spiritual guidance, each brother and sister discerns God's will.


Annual and Lifetime Vows

First vows are pronounced after the individual has completed the periods of contact, candidacy, and novitiate, a minimum of two and one-half years. Vows are renewed annually thereafter. After renewing vows for three years, a member has the option of continuing to renew vows annually or pronouncing perpetual vows as a life-professed member.