Welcome by the Community Servant

"I believe in the mercy of God forever and ever!" Psalm 52.8

Welcome to the Mercy of God Community website!

It is our hope that as we live through these very challenging times, Psalm 52.8,
which guides the Mercy of God Community,may be a source of strength and solace to you.

Founded as a non-canonical, non-residential, ecumenical community over 30 years ago,
the Community strives to exemplify God's mercy.
We work to foster unity among all of God's people and are engaged in all types of ministry.

Currently, Brothers serve throughout the United States: residing in Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts,
New Jersey, New York and Texas.

After visiting our site, feel free to reach out for additional information.

Perhaps God is calling you to vowed membership or to Associate affiliation.

Please know that the Community welcomes inquiries and prayerfully supports each visitor
to our site in their spiritual journey.

Peace and all good,
Br. Joe, mgc
Community Servant
Staten Island, New York